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reviousTitle: The Walking Dead (HoMin Edition)
Pairings: HoMin, SeKai, 2Min
Author: monick87 & dc_flag
Length: 7.1/?
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mpreg, zombies, violence, smut, blood, character death, dark themes, angst
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: We do not own The Walking Dead series nor TVXQ.
Summary: What would you do to protect your beloved ones and survive in a world overrun by zombies?


::9 weeks since the outbreak::

Taemin and Kai walked in the forest, looking for some berries and sticks to pick up. The sun had risen not long ago and most in the camp were still fast asleep. They had informed Minho and Leeteuk about going into the forest and both knew that this was probably more of a bonding time between brothers than anything else, so they let them be.

“Are you sure you have to go?” Taemin asked, even though he already knew the answer to that. “Why don’t you let Minho and the others take care of this? Yunho is gonna be there this time.”

They were talking about going into the city for more supplies. Taemin wasn’t happy as always and he just wanted his brother to stay at least, since Minho refused to decline the task again.

“I’m not a baby anymore Tae. I can take care of myself,” Kai responded, holding tightly onto his axe and spotting a plant with what it seemed to be lingonberries.

“You’re still my baby brother,” Taemin commented, walking towards the plant, eyeing the berries carefully. Yes, they were indeed lingonberries.

Kai observed his brother start picking up berries, and rolled his eyes. “Just by 6 minutes Taemin. I’m just younger by 6 fucking minutes. We’re the same age!” He argued. “Why do you trust Minho and not me? We’re blood!”

Taemin stopped for a moment, and looked down biting his lower lip slightly. “Because even though I love Minho with all my heart, and you’re my blood Jongin. You’re the only thing I have left…my family.”

The older twin felt really bad sometimes. Sometimes he felt like a douche about it, because he knew how much he meant to Minho. It wasn’t like he didn’t love Minho because he did, and a lot. But Jongin was his twin. The only person that has always been by his side, even before they were born. They shared a bond that surely no other could understand if they didn’t have a twin of their own.

“I know you’re all grown up Jongin. I’ve seen how you flirt with that pale brat Sehun,” Taemin half joked. His brother had never had a girlfriend or boyfriend, and it didn’t come to him as a surprise when he observed how the younger twin looked at the new boy. Sehun seemed to be a nice guy, a little bratty, but good nevertheless. Still Taemin wanted his brother to be careful; the last thing he wanted was Kai to get hurt. “I guess I’ll always worry about you.”

Kai blushed and he shook his head. “I don’t flirt with Sehun,” he denied when he found his voice. “I understand about the worrying part Tae,” he continued with a smile. “But nothing’s gonna happen to me, I swear. I can take care of myself and I’ll be careful. I’m sure you already told your beast of a boyfriend to watch my ass, so there is no need to worry.”

Taemin laughed and nodded. “Yes, I know. I’m just overreacting I guess so just let me be,“ he mumbled with a resigned smile. “But you do flirt with Sehun. I’ve seen how you look at him like a lost puppy!”

“I do not look at him like that at all! We’re just friends,” Kai argued, turning to pick berries to entertain himself with something to avoid his brother’s gaze.

“You like him, don’t you? I know you Jongin. I’m your twin,” Taemin insisted, this time wearing a smirk.

“I-I may like him a little bit,” Kai finally confessed with a sigh. “He’s…nice.”

“Just be careful ok? And let me know if he breaks your heart so I can kick his ass,” the older boy joked, earning a punch from his brother. “Ouch! That hurt!” He exclaimed, rubbing his upper arm.

“I didn’t do it so it could feel nice,” Kai countered while rolling his eyes.

Taemin smiled. “But I’m serious about the part of being careful Jongin. Be careful, ok?” He told his brother again, this time with a serious expression.

Kai nodded and both brothers kept on picking up berries and sticks, talking about how much they both missed their dancing lessons, music, and other things.


Yunho had his hands on Changmin’s hips as the other boy bounced up and down with a steady rhythm, taking all of Yunho’s hard length within his warm and tight body.

Maybe it was too early for morning sex, but today was the day he and the others were going to go to the city and Changmin just felt like having sex. He didn’t really caring about waking up Yunho even before the sun had risen.

This was their second round, and Changmin was happily riding Yunho to oblivion. They had somehow learnt to keep their activities quiet ever since the remark from Kangin much to Yunho’s dismay. He understood though.

Yunho pulled Changmin down for a fiery kiss, and after a couple of thrusts up from his part; Changmin came on his chest, followed quickly by Yunho inside him.

They had talked a lot about Yunho’s trip to the city for supplies, and still Changmin was against it, but both knew it was a useless fight. It was better to enjoy the other’s company while they could. Especially while they both were still alive and together.

“I’m hungry,” Changmin declared after he pulled himself off of his boyfriend.

Yunho used the soiled blanket to wipe off his chest. “I believe there is some cereal left in the box or maybe fish.”

The younger wrinkled his nose. “I don’t want fish,” he said sighing. “I wish we had a real breakfast.” He was even picturing a table full of food.

Yunho smiled and pulled Changmin down for a light kiss. The younger boy smiled and laid his head on his lover’s chest. Yunho held him tighter, not wanting to let go.

“Yunho,” Changmin whispered. “Be safe ok?” he asked in a small voice. “Don’t try to be a hero and risk yourself.”

Yunho nodded and Changmin felt his hand travel down to his stomach. “Nothing yet?” He whined a little. “You’re 4 month and I wanna see a baby bump.”

“Stop wanting to see me all fat. I’m 4 months not 8,” Changmin answered as he heard Yunho’s wakeup call from Minho. “It’s time to get up.”

The older man nodded “You can go back to sleep baby,” he said in a voice that Changmin knew too well.

“And not send you off properly and safe?” Changmin rolled his eyes. “You wish.” He knew that even though Yunho wanted him resting, he also wanted him there, waving at him and watching him go into the SUV.

The couple got up and dressed in silence. There were so many unspoken words between them.

Changmin didn’t want Yunho to go mainly because he was scared. He didn’t want to be left alone again. The older man was all he had left in the world besides their unborn child. Yunho had always been there for him, looking after him, picking up the shattered pieces of his broken and low self-esteem, and tried his best to make Changmin feel loved and accepted.

It wasn’t as if his parents hadn’t loved him. It was just that ever since he was little and before he had come out to them about his sexuality, Changmin’s parents always found a way to compare him to other boys his age. No matter how good he was at school, how great his marks were, how good looking he was, there was always some son of a friend of theirs that was doing better and they ended up telling him how he should try to be more like that person.

Years and years of not being enough for his parents expectations had been very difficult for Yunho to erase. Building up Changmin’s confidence had been really hard, but Yunho just loved to repeat over and over how perfect he thought Changmin was. In the end, Changmin learned he was worthy and maybe that was the reason he came out to his parents the way he did. He came out with pride and security. That security being Jung Yunho.

After he was kicked out of his house for being gay, and in a loving relationship with a man, the only people who accepted him were his sisters and Yunho’s family. His own sisters stated that they would leave the family in support of their older brother, but Changmin down right refused. They needed their mother, and he wasn’t going to let them throw their futures out the window for him. He could take care of himself.

Yunho, on the other hand, was worried to death. He had decided to go because they did needed provisions and guns, but he mainly did it because of their unborn child. Changmin was thin; all of them were with the lack of decent food from time to time. However, he knew Changmin especially needed the vitamins and prenatal pills if he wanted to have a decent pregnancy. He had talked to Boa privately, and Boa had shown a lot of concern about Changmin’s state.

“Come on Min.” Yunho said reaching out his hand.

Changmin nodded, and took Yunho hand before giving it a squeeze. They exited the tent and saw the group huddled by where the other cars where at. Changmin held on as tight as he could, but Yunho let go of his hand to grab his backpack and gun. He turned with a smile at Changmin and walked foreword to caress the other’s cheek with his hand.

“You better come back soon,” Changmin said quietly. “Or I’ll kick your ass no matter where are you at.”

Yunho nodded and let out a soft laugh. “You won’t get rid of me so easily,” he stated and kissed the boy before stepping back. “We’ll be back before night fall.”

Changmin nodded, and reluctantly stepped back. Taemin sighed and did the same with Minho before turning to his brother and hugging him just as tight.

“Be careful, ok?” Taemin said softly. “Remember we were born together and we have to continue on that way.”

Kai rolled his eyes at his brother’s sappiness, but he hugged his brother back with all his might. “I will,” he replied as he pulled back. “Your boyfriend will look after me, and I’m not planning on leaving you alone with him anytime soon,” he finished with a slight pout.

Taemin laughed a little as he could feel the jealousy radiating off of his brother. “I’ll see you both when you get back.”

Minho nodded, and leaned to kiss Taemin for a final time, before nudging Kai in the direction of the excursion group. They were going into the SUV when Kai turned back when he heard his name.

“Hold on!” Sehun yelled. “I want to go too,” he added holding the open door.

Kangin grunted. “No way in hell! You need to stay here!” He exclaimed, sending the boy a cold glare.

Yunho looked back from the driver’s seat to Kangin and Kai, who were seating together and arguing about the pale boy joining or not on their crusade. Kangin was about to push Kai, when he felt someone on his other side to grab his arm.

“You are not going to lay a finger on him if you don’t want any problems,” Minho said in a threating voice. “Am I clear, hyung?”

Kangin and Minho had a stare down, until Kris cleared his throat from the passenger seat and turned to look at them with a ‘are you fucking kidding me? This is not the place or time’ look on his face.

Kai turned to see Yunho and Kris and both nodded. So he let out a sigh, and scooted closer to Kangin so Sehun would have enough space to sit.

Minho turned and looked at Kai, and pointed at Sehun. “He’s your responsibility,” he stated right after they were all inside the SUV and were on their way to the city. Minho sighed as he looked out of the window, watching as they went from out of the clearing, past the woods, and into the highway.

Kai and Sehun sighed as well, and the younger boy decided to look at the abandoned cars on the other side of the road. Maybe they could spot something they needed.

“Don’t worry. I have your back,” Yunho assured the boys, looking briefly through the rear mirror.

Kai smiled and bowed his head slightly at the older man’s words. Yunho smiled back, before focusing on the road again.

“Why are you here? This will get dangerous,” Kai muttered quietly, even though he was sure everybody in the car could hear them.

“I don’t want to be a burden to the others,” Sehun responded in the same low volume as the other boy. “I want to prove that I can help.”

Kai nodded and mumbled. “I don’t want you to get hurt.” He did his best for just Sehun to hear that or he knew the hyungs would bully him to death for that.

“I won’t.” Sehun said smiling at Kai. “I have you and the hyungs, and I’m pretty good at shooting.”

Kai raised an eyebrow. “You shoot?” He asked voicing probably the other’s thoughts because now everybody’s attention was on Sehun.

“Being the son of a top ranking military general does have its benefits,” Sehun responded shrugging. “I learned when I was about 9 or 10 years old how to handle a gun. I can teach you if you like.”

Kai blushed. “I can shoot!” He defended himself.

“As if,” Minho laughed at Kai. “You could barely shoot a bottle that was not moving. So tell me how you are going to be able to aim a moving object?”

“I don’t need to! I am perfectly fine defending myself in my own way. I’m more into avoiding the walkers than confronting them,” Kai argued.

Yunho shook his head slightly, and smiled. “It’s ok. All of us are going to practice back at the camp. I’m pretty sure it would be good for all of us.”

Kris nodded. “Yunho’s right.”

Kangin groaned. “Let’s talk about something else!” He exclaimed, fighting the urge to pout. He had to be manly and not throw temper tantrums.

“Like what?” Kris asked.

The oldest of them smiled. “Women and sex.”

“I am proudly gay,” Yunho said shaking his head and Minho nodded for himself. “And my boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate me talking about sex and women in the same sentence.”

Kris laughed at that. “Same for Minho because he is whipped by Taemin.”

“And?” Minho said shrugging with a smirk. “You all are just jealous…minus Yunho hyung…. that I get sex on the regular.”

Kai frowned at the comment. “Hey! You’re talking about my brother asshole! He’s not your fucking sex toy!”

“I didn’t say he was!” Minho explained, looking over at Kai. “You know I love Taemin! Get over the fact that I’m with your brother already! It’s been 5 years!”

Kai scoffed, and didn’t really think twice before trying to jump on Minho. “Just shut up!” He yelled as Kangin and Sehun held him back.

“What the fuck is your problem, Jongin? I made a promise to not let anyone hurt you but I’m going to break that and beat the crap out of you if you keep on being a jealous bastard!”

“It’s my brother! If you hurt him I’ll-”

“Yah!” Yunho yelled to everyone to shut them up. “Stop arguing! We should only fight the dead, not the living! Focus on our task or you can go back to camp walking!”

Kai and Minho nodded, mumbling a ‘sorry’ to each other. They knew they both were at fault and they needed to act more maturely from now on.

The group was silent for some minutes, until Kangin decided to talk and go into details about the last time he had sex with twins, and how awesome it had been, apparently keeping the whole sex topic.

“This is awkward,” Kris stated after Kangin finished his story. “Yunho hyung?”

Yunho took a deep breath, deciding to continue with the topic just to get to know the others and kill a bit of time as they made it to the outskirts of the city. “Well, as you know, I’m in a relationship with Changmin and have been for about 6 years even though I‘ve known him longer than that. I was his first but he wasn’t mine, unfortunately.”

Kris decided to speak up then. “Not on the v-squad and haven’t been for a long time,” he started. “My first time was in China with my next-door neighbor. It really sucked since we both were so young.”

“What about Amber?” Kai asked genuinely intrigued. “She likes you.”

“I know,” Kris blushed and looked down. “But I guess I’m not looking for a relationship right now,” he explained.

Minho nodded and went next. “My first and last was and will be with Taemin. We been together for 5 years and I know we will be together longer. I love him and would give up my life to save him any day.”

“I haven’t had sex yet,” Sehun said honestly. “I don’t believe in just doing it just for the sake of doing it. I want to do it with someone special.”

Kangin snorted. “Maybe the two virgins can get together and hit it off.” He laughed.

Both said boys were glad the SUV pulled over right then, avoiding the other’s gazes since both were really flushed by the oldest remark.

“We’ll have to enter the city by walking. The police station is relatively near,” Yunho explained, as he turned to see the others in the backseat. “Kai and Minho will come with me. We’ll try to find the safest path to the station and then we’ll tell you,” he said handing Kris a walkie-talkie. “If anything happens we’ll stay in contact.”

Minho shook his head. “That’s too risky. Kai and I could try to reach the station using the sewers and the subway lines paths.”

“Walkers could be there and you’ll be screwed with limited ways out,” Kris pointed out.

“From our experience, it’s safer down there than up here. Maybe a few walkers, but not huge hordes like on the main streets,” Kai said seriously, looking up at Yunho. “I remember where the station is, and the sewer should be directly connected to the building.”

“I guess it’s our best choice then.” Yunho sighed. “But I’ll come with you. I have the keys from the place. Even the backdoors and such.”

“No shooting if possible though,” Minho said and the three of them grabbed their weapons and backpacks.

Kai bit his lower lip and looked at Sehun, who opened the door and stepped out of the car to let him do the same. The younger boy smiled at him and mumbled. “Take care.”

He nodded and closed the door right after Sehun was back on the backseat. He went over to the other side of the car to join Yunho and Minho, who were out as well. They started to walk into the city, tightly holding their axes and machetes in hand.

It was early in the morning and the sun shone bright on them as they could hear nothing but silence. It was scary and they were extremely anxious and apprehensive, but it was definitely way better than hissing sounds from walkers.

After almost half an hour of hiding from walkers, killing some and evading others, the little group found a sewer manhole and Kai proceeded to unlock it, loosening it so he could open it up with the help of Minho as they lift the cover and Yunho watched around.

The way through the sewer and into the station, had been surprisingly easy for them. They had just encountered the total of 3 walkers, which they managed to easily put down. The really difficult part had been definitely to stand the hideous smell.

“Can you hurry up a little?” Minho asked as Yunho worked on the steel door that connected the sewer with the station.

“You have the keys, right?” Kai asked this time, eyeing how Yunho was quickly looking for what he thought was the right set of keys as the lasts ones had failed.

“Yup!” Yunho exclaimed happily as he finally opened the door.

They entered the building slowly and silently, stepping carefully and with their senses on the edge, trying to locate anything that would tell them if they were alone or not.

The place was deadly silent and to their surprise, some lights were still on, surely because the emergency generator still worked somehow. Yunho opened the door of the weapons’ storage when suddenly they heard a hiss, followed by some growls and a walker coming for them.

Minho was about to move when Yunho stopped him and grabbed a knife, closing his eyes for a moment, mumbling something and stabbing the rotting and disfigured man right in the forehead with great force.

The walker fell down and it wasn’t until he wasn’t a menace anymore that Kai noticed he was wearing a police uniform, immediately understanding that probably Yunho knew him.

They entered the storage, and Yunho pointed out which guns it was better for them to grab. “Grab grenades and some sniper rifles over there with plenty of ammo,” he commanded as he packed Berettas M9 and Glocks G22 with their respective ammo.

“We better get going and tell the others that it’s clear so they come for more of this stuff,” Minho said, hastily closing one of the bags they had found there for carrying the weapons. They had a lot of ammunition supplies packed.

Yunho and Kai nodded and as soon as Minho turned his back to them to start their way back, Yunho gave Kai one of the handguns, a glock g22 loaded. “This is the safety catch,” he said, showing the youngster what he was talking about, before Kai took it and put it on his back, between himself and his jeans.

Kai wasn’t much a gun’s person, but he knew that maybe someday it could save his life so he gladly accepted the gift before walking behind Minho.

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A/N: We're sorry it took us a while to update but I had to finish my thesis, which is done! DONE! So expect more updates of this and the other stories! :D But here it is! The first part of chapter 7!

Anyways, let's celebrate that twd is back on sundays! aasdfghjkjhgfdsasdfghjhgfds! Yay!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...get a grip, sweethearts, because shit is about to go down in the next part. Let the angst begin! Mwahahahahaha xD


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