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reviousTitle: The Walking Dead (HoMin Edition)
Pairings: HoMin, SeKai, 2Min
Author: monick87 & dc_flag
Length: 7.2/?
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mpreg, zombies, violence, smut, blood, character death, dark themes, angst
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: We do not own The Walking Dead series nor TVXQ.
Summary: What would you do to protect your beloved ones and survive in a world overrun by zombies?

Siete (2)

“I don’t know why you won’t let me go up there to watch over the camp,” Changmin whined a little as he took a lingonberry and put it in his mouth. “It’s not like if he spots a walker he’ll try to kill it,” he added, munching quite angrily. “And I’m a very fine shooter I must say. My aim is really good.”

“It’s too risky, what if you fall or something,” Kyuhyun answered as he and Taemin were trying to cut some wood for the bonfire tonight.

“My belly isn’t big and I can move! You guys should make the most of me before I turn into a useless cow,” the pregnant man pointed out with a light pout. Sometimes he just felt frustrated for not being as useful as he wished he would.

“Well, there’s not so much to do right now. But we could ask Boa if you could teach us how to shoot properly when the others come back,” Taemin said stopping what he was doing and patting Changmin’s back, which almost costs him a punch because Changmin didn’t liked to be touched by anyone who wasn’t Yunho.

“I heard Siwon said he didn’t want to learn how to shoot,” Kyuhyun commented, deciding that it was time for a rest even though he had barely started his task. So he took a seat right beside Changmin. “Do you guys believe those things are still human?”

“Technically they’re still human. Dead but still of the same race,” Changmin responded as Taemin sat down as well.

“I don’t think they’re just sick as Siwon says. I know mental disorders can make you take another person’s life but they’re different. Not matter how sick you are mentally, you die as the others. And I’ve seen too many zombie movies to kinda know they have no memory or glimpse of who they were before,” Taemin said, shocking the older boys because of the response.

“Probably he thinks this is a God thing since the whole ‘one-day the dead will rise from their tombs’ like the Bible says,” Changmin reasoned. “But even though I don’t share his beliefs, I respect them and his decision of not wanting to learn how to shoot.”

“You’re right,” Kyuhyun said as Taemin nodded in agreement as well. “Though he hasn’t seen how dangerous they are in hordes.”

“No he hasn’t. But the least we need now is arguments because of this kind of subject,” Changmin said firmly. “Everybody can think what they want as long as it doesn’t affect the group.”

“Whoa! Spoken like a true leader!” Taemin joked. “Yunho is a good leader, even though he tries to follow Leeteuk. Maybe you both can be like the president and the first lady.”

Changmin immediately smacked him at the implication, but laugh in amusement. “I hope they get back before it gets dark,” he said with a sigh.

“No matter if it’s dark or not, they will come back,” Kyuhyun reassured the two boys with a smile. “They promised it, so they will.


Sehun munched on an energy bar he found as Kai was pacing back and forth, swearing and mumbling rather non-understandable things under his breath. Kangin was sitting in a corner of the room they were in, while Minho and Yunho were thinking how to get the hell out of there as Kris was still putting some meds into his pockets and backpack.

They were trapped. The recollection of weapons had been quite easy and everything had gone according to plan. Each guy had been able to carry two bags with guns and ammo plus some in their backpacks.

The real problem was when they headed to the nearest drug store, which wasn’t too far from the station. They didn’t know exactly what happened. Maybe one of them was seen, maybe they made more noise than necessary, or maybe it was just luck, but they barely made it into the drug store, before more walkers were able to gather all over the streets.

Kai peeked through the front door, behind the bars that kept them safe from walkers. He closed the door again and walked towards Minho and Yunho. “They aren’t trying to get in anymore. They seem to just be wandering like lost souls and there aren’t as many as before but there are still a lot out there,” he informed worriedly.

“We could wait here until there are less out there,” Sehun suggested shrugging as he approached the 3 boys and opened a sport drink he had in his left hand. “We still have like an hour of sunlight and going out at night can be more dangerous.”

Yunho sighed. “You’re probably right, but let’s look around the entire place and see if we can find something useful. Guns would probably only attract more of them,” he ordered, rising his voice a little to the others could hear as well.

They started the task and after a few minutes, everybody but Kris came back with nothing. Kris carried a medium sized boom box on his shoulder. “I feel like one of those street performers,” he commented with a grin. “I thought this could help, at least we could listen to a little bit of music for inspiration. It looks like the batteries still work,” he added putting down the object carefully.

“I’m not getting covered in guts and blood again,” Kai whined, feeling a little desperate about the whole situation. He didn’t want to spend the night there; he wanted to get back to the camp tonight! He didn’t voice it, but he had a uneasy feeling in his gut.

Yunho laughed at the boy and shook his head. “We’re not doing that, hopefully, so don’t worry.”

“We could go up to the roof to see how many they are and plan a way to escape,” Minho suggested.

Yunho nodded and they decided that Sehun and Kangin should stay down just in case a walker could get into the place. Kai wanted to stay as well, but Minho refused. The older boy told him that no way in hell was Taemin’s twin was going to be out of his sight.

They made their way to the roof through the service stairs, and carefully looked down onto the streets. The least they wanted was to be seen by those things.

The police station was just a block away from the front door of the drug store, but there were so many walkers on that street that it was impossible to go through without being bitten. The back and side streets weren’t as crowded as the front one, but they still had more walkers than they could handle.

If only they could distract the walkers in the front!

“Let’s go back down,” Yunho suddenly said with a small smirk. “I think I have an idea,” he said before going back down again, followed by the rest.

“Does that thing still have batteries?” Yunho asked Sehun, as soon as he got in the room, pointing at the boom box.

Sehun shrugged and started to look at the device. He turned it on and pressed the play button, immediately lowering the volume as some metal music was heard. “It works,” the young boy said looking at Yunho expectantly.

Yunho smirked. “I have this idea,” he started, getting everybody’s attention. “What if we put the volume of this thing as high as we can and we hang it on the side of the backstreet so walkers will get attracted by the noise,” he explained. “We’ll have just a few minutes to grab our things and run to the station before more walkers from around here come through the streets. We’ll need to be as fast as we can.”

Everybody looked in deep thought until Minho spoke. “Then what? We go back through the sewer?”

“Exactly!” Yunho exclaimed, feeling proud of his idea. “Kai left the manhole on the other side closed but not locked so no walkers could have gone into it.”

“Sounds good to me,” Kai muttered.

“It’s a risky plan, but it’s the best we have,” Sehun stated agreeing with Kai, even though he was the one who suggested to stay and wait.

“I can hang the boom box and you can run as soon as the street in the front is partially cleared. I could even jump from the roof if necessary, I’m the athlete here,” Minho commented looking at Yunho who nodded in approval.

They looked for a rope or anything that could help them hang the boom box and everything up. Minho went to the roof as the others waited at the front door, while Kris and Kangin peeked through the windows from time to time.

Minho tied the boom box to one of the installation pipes, probably the water one and turned on the machine before putting the volume as up as possible. He carefully put the boom box over the parapet and guided it down enough for walkers to think the noise came from the street level but high enough for them not to reach it.

They didn’t have to wait much before the zombies started to walk and gather all around the object, some trying to reach for it, raising their hand as high as they could. Minho immediately went to the other side and sighed in relief as the front street seemed to be less crowded. He quickly went down to meet the others.

Kai peeked through the front door and decided that it was time. He turned to look at the others and nodded before opening the door and start working on the lock he had left to keep the bars closed and them safe after they arrived the place.

He unlocked the bars and opened them carefully to not make so much noise. Yunho walked past him and nodded, he raised his hand and with two fingers, motioned the other to follow him as he held his gun tightly in his hand.

Everybody held their weapons and immediately followed Yunho. To their surprise, the walkers remaining on the streets were more interested in walking towards the noise than them and they just had to put 5 down with bats, knifes and machetes as the rest passed them by.

Yunho opened the door and he closed the door just after he was sure everybody was safe and inside. He locked the door and they took the chance to catch their breaths. Their adrenaline was rushing through their bodies and Yunho was sure Kai, Sehun and Kris were trembling and ready to pass out from the stress.

He knew he needed to keep them focused, so he straight himself up and passed them, walking to the door that would lead them to the sewer entrance. “C’mon. Let’s keep on moving, let’s go home already.”


It was dark and they had decided to have dinner already before bed. The day had been quite difficult because of the stress of worrying over the ones in the city. Also along with the fact that they had to carry buckets of water for daily things like drinking, and washing clothes.

Changmin hadn’t lifted anything heavy, but he did help, by walking the ones with the buckets from the river shore to the camp with a gun in hand and looking around just in case.

Tiffany, Hyuna and Seohyun were still at the bonfire, keeping it alive and whining about their backs and arms because they had offered to wash the clothes. It wasn’t the first time, but they were still not used to having to do it without a washing machine.

Sulli and Boa were in their tent apparently already fast asleep. Leeteuk had told Amber, Siwon and Kyuhyun to meet in the RV to talk about the shifts for the night, and the fact that Amber had realized that the rifle was not loaded. Apparently they needed to use handguns until the others came back with more ammo.

Taemin was sitting near the place where they parked the cars. He was looking into the dark, waiting for the vehicle to appear with everybody safe, especially his brother and boyfriend.

Changmin was already under the sheets, moving from side to side, not being able to get some rest. Physically or mentally. After some minutes, he decided to just get up from the futon and walk around, and maybe talk to the others. This would help him a little, so he got up and walked outside his tent.

As soon as he stepped outside, he felt a shiver run down his spine. The air was getting colder but he decided that no sweater was needed since it was enough with his long sleeve shirt.

He was about to walk to the bonfire and join whoever that was there, when a noise captured his attention. He quickly went back into the tent for his handgun, knife and a flashlight. He put the knife in his back between his pants and himself before holding the flashlight with his left hand as he gripped his handgun with the right hand, ready to shoot.

Changmin walked into the woods, exactly towards the place the noise had come from. The place was silent and he swore something was off, but after a few minutes when he didn’t find anything, he lowered his weapon. He decided to go back, letting out a sigh of relief. There were noises in the woods that his mind would probably make even bigger, thinking the worst.

Maybe it was because even though Yunho had come back not so long ago, he had already letting down his guard a bit. When Yunho was around, he felt safe. He knew his boyfriend would do anything to keep him safe and alive.

Changmin let out a soft laugh and shook his head, feeling a bit ridiculous of getting all worked up by a single noise that probably was just made up by his imagination. He walked back to the camp and was approaching his tent, when he started to feel uneasy again.

Suddenly he froze as a low growl was heard from behind him. His heart started to beat faster with apprehension as he turned around. A walker with his face rotten and blood all over threw himself on him, opening his mouth and trying to bite him. On instinct, Changmin grabbed the walker by the shoulders to put distance between them. The walker was tall and thick, and Changmin stepped on a stone, making him fall back with the zombie on top of him.

He immediately pushed him from him. “Walker!” He shouted as he grabbed his gun and fired at him right in the forehead, making him go still and spreading blood all over the ground. He turned around and with horror watched as about 50 walkers make their way into the camp, growling and destroying whatever was in their way as they watched the bonfire.


As soon as they got out of the SUV, they heard the commotion. Everybody watched in horror as they saw walkers roaming through the camp.

Yunho ran. He ran as fast as he could as he held his handgun tightly. He knew he had to be strong, that he needed to find Changmin as soon as he could and make sure he and their unborn baby were ok. He was panicking inside, feeling something awful creep inside him as he shot walkers but wasn’t able to locate Changmin.

Kai and Minho did the same thing. Both started to look frantically for Taemin. Everything was a blur and Kai didn’t exactly understand why there were just so many of them. He shot them, stab them in the head but more and more came.

Girl’s screams were heard and Sehun was debating between going to see or stay close to Kai. He knew it was selfish, but part of him wanted to make sure Kai was safe. In a short period of time, the older boy had become really important for him and that scared him a lot.

Kangin and Kris ran towards the screams and Sehun started to feel relieved, choosing to stay close to Kai since he and Minho had separated.

Sehun was fighting with 2 walkers, trying to evade being bitten or scratched, when he saw one being shot. He turned and saw that Changmin had been the one helping him. He shot the other walker and muttered a ‘thank you’ to the older boy.

Changmin felt his heart stop when he saw Sehun. “Where’s Yunho?” He asked, quite demanding, as he carefully approached the boy, still having their guards up, looking around for possible menaces of walkers.

They got their back pressed against each other as more walkers approached them to attack from several angles. “He’s looking for you,” Sehun answered as they shot each walker, trying their best to aim right in their foreheads despite the darkness.

As soon as they put the walkers down, Changmin got away from Sehun, looking for his boyfriend. “Yunho!” Walkers were already there and he didn’t intend to hide, so he screamed as loud as he could.

It was until he approached the RV, that he saw Yunho coming out of it with blood on his shirt. They locked their eyes and ran towards each other. Yunho opened his arms and embraced Changmin as soon as they met.

No words were pronounced, but they both knew how glad they were to be able to find each other and seemed to be just fine.

Yunho put Changmin behind him as some walkers came to interrupt their moment. He shot and few, and grabbed his knife to get rid of them when his gun ran out of ammo.

Meanwhile, Kai was about to cry. Taemin was nowhere to be found and he felt like his brother needed him, like he was calling him. He was running from tent to tent, for side to side and all he could see was those fucking things, trying to bite, attacking everything that moved.

“Jongin!” He heard a familiar voice calling for him and he immediately turned to meet his twin brother who was looking at him. Kai was happy to be able to find him as well, a few meters away from him. “Jongin!”

However, he watched in horror as he saw 2 walkers behind his brother. “Taemin!” He screamed, pointing at his brother, who seemed oblivious of what was happening as he ran to help him. “Watch out!”

Taemin turned and was able to stop one of them, but the other grabbed his arm tightly and bit a mouthful of his arm off. The older twin screamed in pain, and Kai felt like part of his soul had been ripped as he watched another walker come from behind Taemin and bite him on the shoulder, hurting him pretty bad.

Blood was pouring out of Taemin’s wounds and Kai was suddenly blinded by rage. He yelled, kicking and punching the walkers off of his brother, before shooting them in their heads. Still, it wasn’t enough so he grabbed stones, sticks, whatever that was near and started to smash their heads, until they were totally demolished.

“Taemin!” He cried, going back to his brother to hold him in his arms. “You’re gonna be ok, just wait,” he added, trying to gulp the lump that he felt in his throat and avoid the ache he felt in his heart. “Boa! Boa, come please! I need you!”

“I’m glad you’re ok,” Taemin said with a smile, as he looked at his brothers eyes, who ripped his shirt, trying to apply with a cloth some pressure on the wounds to avoid any kind of blood loss.

“You’re gonna be ok Tae. You’re gonna be ok,” Kai repeated over and over, probably most for himself than for his dear twin.

Far away, the commotion stopped. Probably all the walkers had been put down, or maybe he was about to lose it. But, Kai came to his senses the moment Boa kneeled in front of him with worried eyes.

“Please help him,” Kai sobbed not taking his eyes away from his brother’s.

Boa nodded and they made their way into the now messy medical tent. They were in for a long night.

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A/N: Please, please don't hate us for what we had just done! I hope you guys still want to keep on reading this! Please tell us what you think, ok? THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT SO FAR!

The other stories will be updated very soon as well as this one! :D


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