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Title: The Walking Dead (HoMin Edition)
Pairings: HoMin, SeKai, 2Min
Author: monick87 & dc_flag
Length: 9/?
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mpreg, zombies, violence, smut, blood, character death, dark themes, angst
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: We do not own The Walking Dead series nor TVXQ.
Summary: What would you do to protect your beloved ones and survive in a world overrun by zombies?


The ride out of the camp was silent. No wanted to speak in fear of an emotional response, especially from Minho and Jongin. They haven’t spoken a word to anyone since Taemin’s body had been buried.

Sehun didn’t know what to do. Kai’s eyes seemed lost, and it was just as if he was somewhere far into himself and away from reality. Surely it felt like nothing mattered anymore for him. Still, Sehun was thinking how to help him, how to reach out to him and bring him back. He wasn’t going to let go of him that easily.

Yunho looked into the rear-view mirror and sighed as he grabbed one of Changmin’s hands. The younger squeezed his boyfriend’s hand back, and then placed it back onto the steering wheel of the SUV.

Seeing Kai break down was one of the hardest things for the camp to watch. When the body was being lowered, Kai literally wanted to be buried, too, with his brother. An emotional Minho had to pull him out of the ditch, and wrestle him to the ground until he was so exhausted he couldn’t fight back anymore. Sehun was the one that had watched over Kai as the others packed up the camp.

The whole incident seemed to affect everyone, as if they were all tired of losing people, as if all the unpleasant memories and grief had come back with the burial of their friends.

“Kai…Jongin,” Sehun said quietly, trying not to startle the boy. “How are you feeling? Are you ok?”

The other boy’s response was just to stare out the window, ignoring Sehun. He didn’t need people; he just needed his hyung, his twin brother so much. He needed Taemin’s words of reassurance, he needed his brother’s antics, his sweetness, his brother’s bullying, his voice, his hugs.

Kai had always felt self-sufficient, very mature for his age, strong and tough. He had always gotten angry whenever his parents or brother treated him like a little kid. He had liked when people thought he was the older brother. And, right now, he felt like a helpless little kid, lost in life and the world. One day he had had everything, then he had lost his parents but his anchor, his brother, had still been there…but, now he didn’t have that anymore. He felt truly alone.

Minho, who was in the backseat of the SUV as well, sighed. Part of him still didn’t seem to fully grasp the fact that he had lost the love of his life. His entire being hurt, emotionally and physically. He felt tired and wasn’t in the mood for anything at all. There were so many ‘what if” in his head, however, he had to be strong, not for himself, but for what Taemin had cared the most: Kai. He had promised his beloved that he wasn’t going to let anything happen to Jongin and he was going to keep his word no matter what. Kai, right now, had become his only family left.

Changmin closed his eyes, and rubbed his stomach slightly. He had been feeling off after his confrontation with Kangin, but he chalked it up to being morning sickness since he had barely had it.

“Kris said that the CDC is close by,” Yunho mentioned as he took a left turn behind the RV.

Sehun sighed. “What if it is infested with walkers?” He asked. “I’m not sure if we could deal with that.”

“Let’s just focus on getting to wherever we’re going,” Changmin replied and leaned his head onto the window. “It’s been three days and I really feel nauseous,” he added. “ Look Kris is pulling over!” He exclaimed pointing at the RV in front of them.

Yunho followed the RV into the gas station as other car follow the SUV. Kris, Amber, Boa and Seohyun had been traveling on the RV, while Kangin, Siwon and Kyuhyun had taken the car, and Yunho, Changmin, Minho, Kai and Sehun the SUV.

Everyone got out automatically going on high alert and looking around while they refueled not only the vehicles, but also gallons. After all they never knew when they were going to be near a gas station again that seemed to have barely walkers at all like this one.

The only person who didn’t even move was Kai, so he was left in the SUV. Sehun didn’t want to leave him but Minho stirred him away.

“Just give him a little more time,” Minho said to the pale boy. “Let’s go with the others, but not too far from here and somewhere where we can still look after him, ok?”

Sehun nodded and stood watch with the others as Kris, Yunho and Kangin broke into the fuel line to refuel the cars.

Changmin hiccupped and felt the vile coming up his throat. He made a bee line to some shrubs and unloaded his mostly empty stomach. He crouched over, and immediately felt a hand on his back. He finished up and looked around to see Yunho rubbing circles on his back.

“You’ll be fine,” Yunho said, helping his boyfriend up.

Changmin stood up straight and sighed, cleaning his mouth with his shirt. “This sucks. I hate it.”

“It should be over soon,” Yunho said, pulling the younger back to the RV as Kris was waving them over. “Soon it will all be done and over with, and we’ll have a little baby with us.”

Changmin frowned. “I want to have this baby somewhere safe, Yunho.”

“You will, Changmin,” Yunho replied. “We’re gonna make it somehow.”


After a few more hours of driving, the RV pulled in the parking lot of the CDC.

It was truly a grim view outside the windows. The sun was starting to hide and a huge amount of dead bodies were littering the ground.

“This doesn’t look good,” Sehun said, shivering a little by how dangerous and uncertain everything seemed to be.

Yunho parked the SUV beside the RV, and everyone came out. They grabbed their bags and their respective guns before walking towards the main door of the huge CDC building.

Everything was silent, perhaps too silent and there was something that made everyone be on edge. Minho tried the door, but it was locked. “There must be some kind of code for this,” he added, signaling the keyboard panel beside the metal door.

“Maybe we should go back into the woods,” Seohyun stated. “What if there are walkers inside?”

“Kai,” Yunho asked. “Can you open this?” He asked, looking around, something was just not right.

Kai felt confused as hell as Yunho shook him slightly with a hand on the shoulder. He looked around and tried to figure out what eh was doing there and how they had come there. All he could remember perfectly was how he had been the one that had shot Taemin on the head once he had turned into one of those things, everything after that had been just images in his head. “W- what?” He asked, looking at Yunho.

“Walker!” Kangin exclaimed, pointing at something coming into sight, from the woods that surrounded part of the place.

Everybody immediately went into defensive mode as they grabbed their guns. Minho looked at Kai, whose face was indescribable.

Jongin moved towards Minho and grabbed the knife that the other guy had in his back, tightly secured between his pants and his belt. For a moment, nobody knew what was going to happen, when he started to scream as he ran to the walker.

He stabbed the zombie in the head, putting him down in no time. But, it wasn’t enough, Kai was angry and he just felt the need to kill all of those bastards so once the body fell down, he started to kick him on the head over and over again as he cried out in pain and anger.

They watched as Jongin brokenly started to sob, falling on the floor after the walker’s dead was literally destroyed by his boots.

It was then when they noticed that Jongin’s outburst had been heard by more of those things, because suddenly more were coming.

Minho and Sehun ran immediately to Jongin and grabbed him firmly as the boy looked up to the walkers and tried to wrestle against the other’s grip. The only think that seemed to be on the young boy’s head was to kill walkers.

Maybe it was his way to avenge his brother, maybe was his way to kill himself after all he had gone through, but still, Yunho knew that they couldn’t afford to lose Kai, not if he could open the door of the CDC, which right now seemed the safest place. So, he ran to where Minho, Sehun and Kai where and helped them bring the boy back.

Soon, fire guns where heard and it seemed that for each one that they put down, two more appeared. Changmin turned around and gulped when he realized that there was no way they could escape from this without opening the metal door. They walkers were getting closer and closer and they had been cornered.

“There’s too many to take on!” Kangin yelled. “We need that door open now!”

Sehun closed his eyes and turned to look at Jongin, who seemed a little tired of fighting against Yunho, who had him subjugated. “Kai!” He started with a firm voice, trying to get the boy’s attention. “Taemin would want you to survive and fight on. He wouldn’t want to see you like this. Remember what you told me when we first met in the tent?”

Kai didn’t respond but he did look up to see him as he stopped fighting at all.

You have to have faith. I know this is hard for you and you want to kill them all. I know you need time to mourn your brother and I know it’s not gonna be the same. But right now we are here and we don’t have time to mourn right now! We…I care for you and I’m not gonna leave you go through his alone, but right now we need you, your friends need you. Please don’t let us die, not this way. Can you open the door?”

Yunho finally let go of him and decided to help the others, who were right next to them, trying to back up as much as possible since the walkers were just a few meters away from them.

Kai nodded at Sehun and turned to look at the key panel. He looked around franticly for his backpack that was next to them on the floor, and launched himself at it to look for his pick-knife. Once he found it he began unmalting the unit, and rewiring wires.

Sehun encouraged him with urgency, as he looked how the walkers were so close to them. Kai reset the wires, and punched in a code to activate the doors.

Yunho shot another walker, as the horde was moving in closer. He felt Changmin pressed against him, and he suddenly felt the barely there swell of his lover’s stomach: his unborn child. He immediately felt more determined to survive this. He was going to keep the group safe as well as his family! He used Changmin’s machete and hacked off two of the walker’s head.

“Kai! Hurry!” Amber screamed, hitting another walker in the head, bashing its brains in. “They’re practically here!”

Kai worked hard preplacing the items. When he was done, he punched in another code, and suddenly the metal doors opened just in time for them to get in as the walkers where upon them. The doors closed and they had shot 3 walkers that managed to get in before that.

Everybody looked at each other, breathing heavily, trying to catch their breaths.

“Is everyone ok? Has anyone been bitten?” Yunho asked in a serious tone.

They all shook their heads and proceeded to walk further more into the building. Nobody seemed to notice when Siwon covertly covered his wrist with his sleeve, trying to hide the scratches that one of those walkers out there had done to him as he had tried to fight them.


It took over two hours, but Yunho, Kris, Minho, and Kangin checked out the entire place for walkers. To their advantage, no one found any. It was like the building had been evacuated and all the people that were inside were now the walkers form outside. It was a relief to the group because the building seemed like what they needed at the moment: it was protected by metal doors and concrete from the walkers from outside.

“Food!” Kyuhyun said groaning.

Changmin nodded. “It’s been hours! I’m starving!” He half-whined.

Everyone nodded. “Well, we found a full kitchen a few doors over, and it seems to have the water and gas still running. Also, we have electricity! The generator is still working!” Yunho exclaimed, half-happily to the other group members. At least it was like a break from all the bad things.

“It’s settled then. Let’s take our food that we have and go to the kitchen. Maybe there is something there,” Amber suggested.

“What about somewhere to sleep?” Changmin asked yawning.

“There has to be dorms with beds in here. Researchers usually spend days in here without going anywhere out,” Boa responded, knowingly. “What? I’m a doctor, remember? I know about places like this one, even if it’s not my field!” She explained after she received some surprised looks by Amber and Kangin.

Kris waved everyone up, and they followed him. He led them down the hall that had doors on both sides. Changmin stepped forward and opened a door slowly. Everyone looked inside, and to all of their surprise it was a bedroom.

“A bed!” Sehun said going into the room. “A real soft and warm bed! Oh my God!”

Kris smiled slightly. “There are 6 rooms and each has a double bed and a bathroom with shower,” he explained. “We should arrange with who are we going to sleep.”

“I’m going to share with either Boa and Seohyun or both,” Amber stated. “Also I guess Yunho and Changmin are sharing, and there go 2 rooms and 4 left.”

“Sorry guys, but I’m not sharing my bed. I’m the older and I have the right,” Kangin said in a half-serious, half-joking tone.

“Well, you have to share since there aren’t more beds and no one is sleeping on the floor when everybody can be comfortable,” Changmin intervened, feeling a little annoyed by Kangin as lately he had felt. The guy wasn’t the best person when it came to socializing, but maybe Changmin was just seeing the bad things because of the pregnancy. He just couldn’t stand the guy.

“Then I hope I can share with a lady,” Kangin responded, smirking and closing one eye to the girls.

“I hope not,” Boa said, rolling her eyes. “Amber and Seohyun should share and I can share with someone else.”

Siwon raised his hand. “I can share with Boa,” he suggested and everybody nodded. He was probably the safest option since he was extremely respectful towards women.

“Kris and I are gonna share the room,” Kyuhyun stated, after he had agreed with Kris who was next to him.

Sehun sighed, feeling slightly embarrassed suddenly. “I could share with Kai…” he suggested in not loud voice.

Kyuhyun snorted and Kangin started laughing hysterically. “Aw, the maknaes are growing up pretty fast!” Kangin teased.

“It’s not because of that!” Sehun replied blushing a little.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Minho said, looking between Kai and Sehun. “Maybe I should stay with him instead. It’s…we need time, ok?”

“Don’t worry, Sehunnie,” Kangin started as he walked towards the boy and put an arm over his shoulder. “We can have fun too,” he teased again.

Jongin sighed and turned to look at Minho. He knew the guy was only trying to protect him. He knew that Minho saw him as his responsibility right now, like someone he needed to protect because it was the thing Taemin would have wanted. “I’m gonna share with Sehun,” Kai said firmly. He didn’t want to be that harsh with Minho, but right now he just needed time away from him. He thought it was the best for both.

“I think we’re sharing the room, then.” Minho said after nodding and turning to look at Kangin.

“Ok, so…it’s Changmin and I, Amber and Seohyun, Kangin and Minho, Kyuhyun and Kris, Siwon and Boa, and Kai and Sehun, right?” Yunho asked, looking at everyone at the group as they all nodded. “Ok, then let’s get settled and we’ll meet in the kitchen in 10 minutes to see if we can cook something.”

Everybody nodded and walked to their respective rooms with their backpacks in hand.


A/N: Update, yay! I hope you guys still like this and please do tell us what you think! :)


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Nov. 13th, 2013 02:11 am (UTC)
Dang it! Your gonna kill off Siwon too T_T...hoping BoA won't be killed as well we need her to deliver the baby -_-. I wonder where everyone from the CDC is? Someone has to be inside of the building for it to have been locked down and they haven't searched the entire building yet. I dunno feels like the biggest shit storm is about to start...and I'm scared T_T
Nov. 13th, 2013 05:38 am (UTC)
nooooo i hope boa will be fine ;;;; pls dont kill her (or anyone else anymore ;;) i guess siwon cant be helped ;;;

thanks for this chapter, cant wait for next ^^
Nov. 13th, 2013 07:58 am (UTC)
I have a bad feeling about this. Especially with the fact that Siwon is scratched and is sharing a room with Boa, the doctor!
Nov. 13th, 2013 05:23 pm (UTC)
hope you won't kill BoA~ she's the only doctor left everyone needs her ;;
Thank for the update!
Nov. 18th, 2013 09:36 pm (UTC)
oh man no siwon :( oh well i hope nothing happens to boa!
i'm glad sekai are sleeping together lol
Nov. 21st, 2013 09:50 pm (UTC)
Oh no! Boa.....
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